Buy Quality Socks Online!

A gift of socks is the number one Christmas gift and birthday gift for friends or relatives. Why? because everyone needs socks! There are £3 billion pairs of socks sold in the UK each year and with the online buying trend on the increase, World of Socks have put together a wide range of sock styles and designed our website to make it fast, easy and cheap to buy socks online.

World of Socks is renowned for its excellent product quality, customer service, and prices rivalling those of major stores, suppliers and franchises. These factors, added to the convenience of buying socks online, and having them delivered to your door, makes buying your socks from World of Socks the sensible alternative to buying your socks in a department store.

Online Sock Shopping

Why drive to the busy shopping centre, find a parking space, walk to the store, queue for your socks, etc, etc, when you can visit the World of Socks online store and make your purchase in seconds!!

We are continually adding new styles and designs of socks to our product range, including:

  • Novelty Socks
  • Character Socks
  • Seasonal Socks (Dressed Socks)
  • Big Foot Socks
  • Named Mens Socks
  • Named Ladies Socks
  • Non Elastic Socks


So whether you are looking to buy Mens socks, ladies socks, or Big Foot Socks and whether they are for you, or a Christmas gift of birthday gift for a friend or a member of your family, we are confident that you will find something of interest to you whilst browsing our website - and remember, come back soon!